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Live magic returns to London

As the UK lockdown eases, we are delighted to announce that The Magic Hour and Magic & Mind-Reading will be returning to London at the end of May. Spaces are limited to 30 per show at this time, so get in quick! It's been such a strange year, but we are excited to be back, and look forward to theatre going becoming normal once again. This time last year, the performance, hotel and leisure industries had no idea just how much impact COVID-19 would have. Our hearts go out to all artists, musicians and performers whose livelihood has been ripped apart by the pandemic. We are lucky that magic shows can resume, and that our venues - the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, and The Dilly, have supported us. We look forward to welcoming audiences once again, and hearing gasps, laughter and applause. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


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