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Magic at VAULT Festival 2018

January and the New Year is bringing some unique magic shows to London. We are delighted to be presenting Mahdi Gilbert at the VAULT Festival 2018. Born without hands or feet, he is a truly extraordinary magician whose determination has seen him become recognised by the worlds top magicians as a sleight of hand artist in a class of his own. See him at the UK premier of Mahdi the Magician from the 31st January - 4th February in London Waterloo. Book tickets now

'An extraordinary magician' - Derren Brown

'You fooled us!' - Penn & Teller

Growing up in Toronto, Mahdi suffered mentally and physically, but grew above it to find his own path to becoming a professional magician. Captivated by sleight of hand, he developed his own methods that have fooled the greatest minds in magic today. As all books on the magical arts were written for performers with two hands, Mahdi had no option but to create his own magic. His unique one man show gives insight into his incredible determination and dedication - a heart warming human story from someone who dared to dream the impossible, and made it happen.

Shows run daily at 18:10, lasting 1 hour, with a matinee on the 3rd February.

All seats at £18:50.

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