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Restoration at Simpsons in the Strand

It's been fantastic to perform our new show 'Sleight of Hand on the Strand' - the successor to The Magic Hour (now the longest running parlour magic show in London) at Simpsons in the Strand. The luxurious backdrop of the West Room with its Art Deco detailing in the doors and windows is a joy. It gives a real sense of the opulence and decadence of the roaring 20's - when magic was at it's prime in London. Just down the road would have been Egyptian Hall - London's dedicated theatre of magic, producing an variety of shows every week.

Above: Artwork for Sleight of Hand on the Strand

Click here to book tickets for upcoming shows.

Above: The Knights Bar at Simpsons in the Strand

Simpsons has a huge history of chess, which is echoed in the names of its spaces such as The Knight's Bar. Note the checkboard bar, and the oversized Knight in the background! This bar, where guests arrive for the show, offers a range of world class cocktails, and a wonderful place to relax, before sitting down at the show to enjoy some of the finest close-up magic in London.

Above: The Gran Divan Restaurant

Many of our guests book diner in the wood paneled Gran Divan - one of the oldest most established restaurants in the city. Plush leather chairs offset the dark interior, giving this both a contemporary and traditional feel at the same time. Check out the new menu offering a range of classic and re-imagined dishes - there's something for everyone.

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