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Looking for a magic Zoom show for your next company event, party or special occasion? 

Look no further! The Magic Hour produces 5 star award winning shows and experiences. Right now we can deliver a unique zoom magic show, or magic class for your next event. 
Choose from one of our zoom experiences below that can be booked right now, and turn your event or celebration into an unforgettable success.

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Our top 5 online magic zoom experiences

1. Magic Masterclass Online

Over an hour, your group will learn 6 sensational tricks under the guidance of master magician and London headliner Tony Middleton 'Sonic'. 

The magic is easy to learn, yet super powerful - you will have family, friends and work colleagues stunned to silence as you performance impossible miracles with playing cards, coins and everyday objects. 

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'Tony's a brilliant magician and teacher of magic. We had a wonderful time doing a private session with our company (great way to socialise in these crazy times) and my son has also loved the weekly sessions!'

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Executive Producer / AR Storyteller / "Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up" 

Tony performed magic tricks for our team that were really impressive and worked well within a zoom setting that can be challenging.  He also walked through some of the tricks in detail to teach us how to perform them, which showed how effective they are as well as simple to master.  I would thoroughly recommend.

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Tom Perry, Data Engineering Manager, FACEBOOK 

'This was a great experience! Tony really engaged and delighted all of our participants - which can be difficult to do virtually. He was a great teacher; by the end of the hour, we had learned 4 magic tricks and felt confident that with practice we could perfect them. We would highly recommend the experience if you are looking for a fun and interactive activity.' 


Sayo Ayodele, Founder - JourneyKind
(Ethical travel agency featured in Forbes)

2. Virtual Close-Up Magic Show

You might think that magic over the internet doesn't work - but you would be wrong. Invite a magician to the party, and get ready to experience impossible illusions, mind-reading and interactive magic that will leave you scratching your head in disbelief.
How can he read your mind over the web? How can he predict exactly what you will do? And how did he know a card I was mearly thinking of? You will enjoy all this and more in a hugely entertaining show designed specifically for a virtual audience.

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3. One-to-one Zoom magic lesson

Book a one-to-one lesson and learn from someone at the top of the industry. Tony Middleton 'Sonic' is not only a master magician, but also an experienced teacher too. There's just no substitute for learning from someone with years of performing experience at a top level. It can save you time, energy, and help you to reach your aspirations much faster. These sessions can be specially created depending on your needs. 

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4. Virtual Magic Zoom Party Experience

Stuck for ideas on what to do for a birthday gift or experience? Why not arrange a 'magic birthday party'? Part show, part class, you will be entertained for 20 minutes with a virtual close-up magic show, followed by a 45 minute workshop in which you will learn easy to master magic tricks to entertain family and friends. It's great fun, different, and some have said that it was their best birthday experience ever.

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5. Virtually Impossible Show

This unique ground-breaking production takes online magic to a new level. Shot live at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane, you will get an immersive walk-thorough magic experience exploring the evocative interiors of one of London's top 5 star hotels, that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own sofa. Enjoy Victorian inspired illusion, sleight of hand and feats of the impossible closer than ever before.

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'My wife and I had front row seats for a ‘Magic Hour’. It was a stunning
performance that had the whole audience spellbound. I still cannot work
out how my wedding ring mysteriously travelled invisibly from one side of
the room to the other, from an urn into the core of a fruit.
It was exciting, suspenseful, theatrical, funny, engaging, amazing. A
wonderful display of talent. Terrific entertainment.
I have now started one-to-one lessons that are great fun. Even the
really simple tricks give you a buzz when you can do them correctly.
Tony is a super teacher who patiently takes you through all the steps,
and suddenly you are doing real magic!
In this period of doom and gloom, we need good entertainment more
than ever. Tony’s shows are entertainment at its best, and with some lessons afterwards, you can make the magic last as long as you want.
What could be better than that!'

Ralph Sutton, private client

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'Tony - Sonic - is a great teacher, with a slow pace and demonstrations for everyone to keep up and if not, he'll do it again and explain again. A great way to start learning magic. Recommended to everyone of all ages, from children to middle aged (myself) to senior people too. A great way to spend an hour of your time.'

Lee - Magic Masterclass Online participant

'As we were not able to come to London and attend a Magic Hour Show due to the Corona lockdown, we were happy to book a private lesson with Tony for our son‘s 18th birthday. Everything was great, contact via e-mail was easy and the lesson itself really made our son‘s day. Thank you for a very special birthday!'

Robert Letzko - Berlin

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