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8th - 15th August 2020

So you want to become a magician?

Join our awesome Summer School experience you could become the next Dynamo or David Blaine within a week!

Get 2 live Zoom classes (lasting 1 hour each), an amazing trick in your inbox each day for just £35!  

Live classes are limited to 30 people, so get in quick! 

Magic Summer School Itinerary


Saturday 8th August          Live Zoom Class 5:30pm

                                               Cards & Coins - 1 hour


Sunday 9th August            Cocktail Surprise 

                                              Make a drink magically appear from nowhere


Monday 10th August         Out of this World

                                              Possibly the best card trick of all time!              


Tuesday 11th August         Cups & Balls

                                              Classic magic with cups & paper balls


Wednesday 12th August   Torn & Restored Napkin

                                               Destroy and repair any napkin!


Thursday 13th August        Ultimate Card Sharp

                                               Deal anyone the perfect hand of cards


Friday 14th August             Metal Bending

                                              Bend & restore a fork or spoon 


Saturday 15th August        Live Zoom Class 5:30pm

                                              Classic Magic & Mind-Reading - 1 hour

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