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Add text markup to your drawings using copy-paste style and markup commands. Text boxes are dynamically created to display text inside annotative drawings.Create and maintain an AutoCAD user profile for faster, more accurate commands and for sharing information with other users. (video: 1:10 min.)Enhanced PDF support:Significantly improve the accuracy of text displayed in AutoCAD as well as interactivity when viewing PDFs. Also, support viewing and editing the text with every other Windows application, such as Microsoft Word.Support for both the Postscript and Portable Document Format (PDF) file types.Add a ruler, grid, and top and bottom rulers to your drawings.Erase strokes and shapes that you no longer need.Respond to mouse and keyboard events on the fly.Apply a transform to your drawings and geometry.Printing Improvements:Improvements in postscript and PDF outputAbility to print on both sides of a single sheet of paperSupport for multiple pages per sheetImprovements to PDF and postscript formatKeyboard Shortcuts:Modify drawing and text attributes using keyboard shortcuts.Keyboard Shortcut: S to lock the drawingKeyboard Shortcut: N to lock the drawing while drawing is activeKeyboard Shortcut: M to unlock the drawingKeyboard Shortcut: W to unlock the drawing while drawing is activeKeyboard Shortcut: P to print the drawingKeyboard Shortcut: I to insert a marked objectBatch Processing:You can now select multiple objects and place them as a batch.You can now process multiple copies of the same drawing at the same time.Improved reporting of processing times and error messages.You can now specify if you want batch processing to work on objects with the default, deleted or locked state.Addins:Support for multiple AutoCAD AddinsSupport for multiple AutoCAD AddinsAdd support for multiple AutoCAD AddinsNew commands for creating AutoCAD Addins.The AIXInstaller application is no longer supported.Speed Improvements:Improvements in the speed of AutoCAD as well as improvements 2be273e24d


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