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Inner Secrets

Riffle Peek

Difficulty Level: 3

This is a fantastic peek of a freely selected playing card, based on the work of Arthur Buckley.

Super deceptive and easy to do - you will want to use this all the time. 

False Cut 1

Difficulty Level: 2

This is a simple false cut that can be added into your shuffles with great effect.

Snap Change

Difficulty Level: 4

This is an incredible visual change of a playing card. However, please note that the angles are tight and it is recommended to show to one person  at a time.

Pop Out Aces

Difficulty Level: 4

Make the Aces pop out of the deck in super visual manner. You can perform it after a false shuffle, or mix the aces first, and find them again using this technique.

Card Warp

Difficulty Level: 3

This is my handling of Roy Walton's classic of card magic. In this tutorial I share some details and handlings that have been in my professional repertoire for years.

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