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Card Forces
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Forcing a card means making the audience choose the card you want them to - without them realising. Anyone taking part or watching should conclude that any card could have been chosen. Some forces are super easy or almost self-working, and others will require longer practice. In the more advanced forces, control of timing is often essential. We will start with the easiest, and then gradually work up to the more difficult methods.

Criss Cut Force / Cut Force

Difficulty level: 1

This method of forcing a card is easy, but also very deceptive for a lay audience if executed well. It is used in a variety of routines within Magic School - such as The Wrong Prediction and Card Box Prediction in the Self Working & Easy Card Magic section.

Hindu Force

Difficulty level: 1

The Hindu Force is done using the Hindu Shuffle (See Basic Card Skills)

It has a variety of applications, not just the forcing of a card. See the routine: Colour Changing Deck (Beyond the Basics - Lesson 4 notes).

Counting Force

Difficulty level: 1

This is a self working force, where the audience counts to a position in the deck, and remembers a card. 



Cut / Turnover Force

Difficulty level: 1

This is a simpler version of the Cut Deeper force. It is very deceptive as it performed in a relaxed, casual manner.

Cut Deeper Force

Difficulty level: 1

This is a force that requires no sleight of hand, which the audience does almost entirely themselves.

Combine this with a shuffle maintaining the top card (if you have a prediction or reveal pre-arranged), or get a glimpse of the bottom card and shuffle to the top, if you want to force a card impromptu.

Riffle Force

Difficulty level: 2

This is a relatively easy force, however it will take practice to get the timing right and make it feel completely natural. Remember that the audience should feel that they could have stopped you anywhere.

Slip Force

Difficulty level: 2

This is a fairly simple force, but requires some practice to get the angle right and make the action smooth.

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