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Birthday ideas in London

Are you looking for something fun and different for a birthday this year? At The Magic Hour, we've got some great ideas for you. Why not book on to our 5 star Magic Masterclass Online experience, book a private show over Zoom, or purchase a voucher for one of our award winning shows, for when our venues re-open.  Find out more about our birthday ideas below!

1. Magic Masterclass Online 

Tony Middleton 'Sonic', Headliner of The Magic Hour - London's premier magic show, is running weekly magic classes for beginners. For under £10 you can learn 6 simple but sensational tricks to entertain family and friends, and all you need to take part is a pack of cards and some change from your wallet.

Many have booked this magic class as a surprise birthday gift, and nothing could be more different and fun!

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2. Private Magic Show over Zoom

You might think that magic doesn't work over the internet, but you would be wrong. When you have the experience of you mind being read, or you actions predicted in advance, and the magician isn't even near you - it is more powerful than ever. Sonic has devised a unique show that you can experience live from home. Get ready for an interactive, jaw dropping experience like no other.

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3. Gift Vouchers for live shows

People have returned again and again to The Magic Hour, because it is quite simply the finest parlour magic show in London. Why not buy a gift voucher as a birthday gift, and then they can choose when to redeem it. Gift Vouchers last for 1 year, and live shows usually run every week in London. 

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