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Advanced Card Technique

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The following techniques and flourishes are challenging and require dedication and practice to master.

One Handed Riffle Shuffle

Difficulty Level: 4

Executing a riffle shuffle with one hand looks great. It is a real demonstration of skill for an audience.

The Card Spin

Difficulty Level: 4

This is a nice flourish which can add panache to your card handling.

One Handed Top Palm

Difficulty Level: 4

This is a versatile move that can get the top card of the deck into palm instantly with one hand.

Colour Change using One Handed Top Palm

Difficulty Level: 4

This is a great visual colour change. See first the tutorial on the One Handed Top Palm.

Credit: Chris Dugdale

Card spin flourish

Difficulty Level: 4

This flourish is a great way to reveal the audience's chosen card, having controlled it to the top of the deck.

The Second Deal

Difficulty Level: 4

The second deal is a challenging sleight to master, but well worth the effort. Don't worry if you can't get this technique quickly, it can take a few months of practice to look truly convincing.